Witchcraft and Wizardry is a website comprising answers to many questions fans may have about Harry Potter universe, starting with characters through places and events.

As people who grew up with Harry and his friends, we feel we have quite a lot of knowledge about the topic. We follow all the J.K. Rowling releases and news from Harry Potter world and since Fantastic Beasts movies, also about Newt Scamander and his adventures.

We thought putting all the info in one place would serve the purpose of quenching the thirst for knowledge about all things magical.

WitcraftWizardry is not a Wiki or encyclopedia. We are Harry Potter enthusiasts who grew up reading the books (and still read them constantly) who aim to answer your questions in depth.

We try to provide info based on the existing facts given from J.K. Rowling herself through books and posts, but also common sense and a little bit of extrapolation and our personal opinions.

We hope you find our content to your liking and it fuels your passion for the magical world of Harry Potter.