Who Are Centaurs in Harry Potter?

Many creatures are living in the Forbidden Forest at the edge of Hogwarts grounds. Some of them are dangerous, and some of them are helpful. 

Many of the creatures don’t want to get involved with humans unless it’s absolutely necessary. One of those creatures is a centaur.

How Many Centaurs Are There in Harry Potter?

Who Are Centaurs in Harry Potter?

There is a whole herd of centaurs living in the Forbidden Forest, but we never got to meet all of them.

We also don’t know how many are there and if other herds live somewhere else, but we suspect that if there are, they would be hidden from humans and not interfere with them.

However, alongside Harry, we had a chance to meet four centaurs from the Forbidden Forest colony personally, although we had a glimpse at around fifty other centaurs during the short escapade to the Forest with Dolores Umbridge. We suspect those were only male centaurs, the warriors of the herd.

What Are the Names of Centaurs in Harry Potter?

Even though Harry saw and spoke with a few centaurs, like the hard-faced gray male, he never knew the names of more than four centaurs from the Forbidden Forest herd. None of them introduced themselves to Harry, but Hagrid did the honors and told Harry a little bit of what he thought of them. 


The friendliest and best-known centaur from the Forbidden Forest herd was Firenze. He was the first one to help Harry, saving his life from Quirrell in the Forest during Harry’s first year. 

Firenze had white-blond hair, bright blue eyes, and his human torso was joined to the body of a palomino horse.

Firenze also thought it was important to work with humans to stop evil. He also accepted the post of Divination Professor from Dumbledore, and he was exiled from the herd and the Forest by other centaurs. His herd was very violent, accusing him of betrayal for working for humans and would have killed him if not for Hagrid’s help.


Magorian is a chestnut-bodied, black-haired centaur who seems to be a leader of the centaur colony from the Forbidden Forest. He was the first to speak to Umbridge and the first to charge at the Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts. He was not very friendly to any humans and insisted on killing anybody who would come into their Forest to insult them. 

However cruel he seemed, Magorian never wanted to hurt innocent and young, and ultimately he forgave Firenze and welcomed him back to the herd. 


A wild-looking black centaur, Bane, was hot-headed and very easily offended. He was probably second in command after Magorian, as he would often speak after the leader and accompany him around the Forest. He was the first one to act when Umbridge tried to tie down Magorian with magical ropes.

Bane lifted Umbridge over his head and, screaming wildly, cantered into the Forest, leading other centaurs behind him.


Ronan, the chestnut-bodied and red-haired centaur with a red beard and a long reddish tail, was one of the centaurs who stood up for Harry and Hermione during the scuffle with Umbridge in the Forbidden Forest. He claimed they are young and, therefore, they should not be hurt.

Otherwise distrustful of humans but the most peaceful of known to Harry centaurs, Ronan didn’t want to give Hagrid any clear answers. He was rather a mysterious one.


Many centaurs live in the Forbidden Forest, but we only know a few of them by their names. They usually try to avoid humans and any interactions between both races.

Centaurs are fiercely protective of their territory and are very easily offended, as they think themselves more intelligent than humans.

Even though they felt that they needed to follow the stars and not interfere with humans, they joined the Battle of Hogwarts in the end and fought Death Eaters alongside the Order of the Phoenix.