Did Hermione Like Harry? Did They Kiss?

Did Hermione Like Harry? Did They Kiss?

Harry and Hermione were inseparable friends all throughout the books but could it be possible that there was something more than what met the eye?

They certainly had their fair share of private moments that showed how deep their love was for each other. Not to mention, Hermione did go out of her way and risk her life multiple times for the Boy Who Lived.

So one does wonder: Were these just acts of friendship or did our Hermione have romantic feelings for our hero?

Was Hermione Ever Attracted to Harry?

Did Hermione Like Harry? Did They Kiss?

Hermione never really addresses any attraction towards Harry in the books. While the books did focus on Harry and his point of view, the short glimpses we get with Hermione never indicates that she had any feelings aside from friendship and sibling-like love towards Harry.

However, this did not stop people from assuming that they were together or at least had feelings for one another due to the fact that they were always spotted alone together and often displayed acts of affection towards each other.

Was Hermione Supposed to End Up with Harry?

J.K. Rowling caused an uproar by admitting that Hermione was supposed to end up with Harry. She revealed this in an interview in 2014, seven years after the final book came out and not even three years after the final movie was released.

In an interview with Emma Watson, the star that portrays Hermione in the movies, she reveals that Hermione and Harry would have been a better fit while Hermione and Ron would have needed marriage counseling.

To add salt to the wound, Watson agreed and added that fans might wonder whether Ron could truly make her happy. Not a good day for fans of Ron and Hermione.

Does Hermione Secretly Love Harry?

The love Hermione has for Harry has never been a secret. However, it is not the romantic type of love but more of a family type of love.

Hermione displayed her love for her friend so much and so often that her own husband-to-be’s greatest fear was that she loved Harry more than him. She was not alone in this as Harry loved her just as deeply.

While this might not be the answer the Harmony ship fans were looking for, it is the truth. They do love each other, just not in that way.

Did Harry and Hermione Almost Kiss?

Actually, Hermione did kiss Harry at one point. In fact, she kissed Harry way before she kissed Ron.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione became overwhelmed with excitement and nerves for Harry’s involvement in the Triwizard Tournament that she kissed him on the cheek. This gesture was purely platonic and was meant to be a gesture for good luck and support for her friend but their closeness was once again maliciously twisted.

This time by Rita Skeeter as she wrote about the pair having a romantic relationship behind the scenes.

Harry and Hermione Relationship

Harry and Hermione have both affirmed in the books that their relationship is similar to that of a brother and sister. If you think about it, Harry and Hermione have the most in common in the Golden Trio.

They are both only children who grew up in Muggle households and only learned about magic when they got their Hogwarts letters. This connection may have led them to stick to each other much closer than one would expect and adopt each other as siblings.

In fact, they often fought as siblings do with Harry getting annoyed by Hermione’s nagging and Hermione getting annoyed with Harry’s lack of discipline in academic matters.

This bond, however, was often misinterpreted by many (Ron Weasley, Cho Chang, Rita Skeeter, and even Dumbledore!) as a romantic one and the pair were often mistaken for a couple. This led to them often being teased about their closeness. 

Final Thoughts

Following J.K. Rowling’s shocking revelation, the story of Harry and Hermione became filled with “what ifs” and “what could have beens”. 

However, this does not change the existing bond that did come through in the books. Hermione may not have liked Harry romantically, but the bond between them exceeds that of mere fictional romance.

The fact remains that Harry and Hermione were always there for each other even when it seemed like the whole world, including Ron at times, was against them. They might not have gotten to date, but they did end up becoming something more – family.

And that’s something no one, not even J.K. Rowling and her revelations, can take away from them.

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