Is Harry Potter A Pureblood, Half-Blood, or Mudblood?

We learn early on that the famous Harry Potter is an orphan. His aunt and uncle pretended Harry was a Muggle for years, and his parents died in a car crash.

When on his 11th birthday, Harry learned the truth that he was a wizard, he tried to figure out who his parents were.

Harry never thought blood status was an important part of the wizarding world, and he couldn’t understand what the blond boy in Madam Malikn’s meant by “I really don’t think they should let the other sort in, do you?”

Is Harry Potter a Mudblood?

Is Harry Potter A Mudblodd? Harry Potter’s Blood Status

Harry is not a Mudblood, and it’s not because it is an offensive word.

Because Muggles raised Harry, some people think that he is a Muggleborn wizard, and therefore they call him a Mudblood, a very nasty word for a Muggleborn witch or wizard.

Most people know the actual blood status of Harry Potter. Even villains from the Harry Potter series are aware of Harry’s ancestry. Voldemort and Bellatrix know Harry’s parents were both of magical blood, but Bellatrix still considered it something lesser than her.

Is Harry Potter Pureblood?

Despite both of Harry’s parents being magical and attending Hogwarts, Harry is not a pureblood wizard.

By J.K. Rowling’s definition, we understand that to be considered a pureblood witch or wizard, one needs to show magical ancestry on both maternal and paternal sides. 

Pureblood families are the rarest group between the blood statuses of the wizarding world, making only about 10% of the whole magical population.

There are some pureblood families in Great Britain. The names of those families were compiled into a list called the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Amongst those families were the Blacks, Bellatrix and Sirius’s family, the Longbotoms, the family of Nevill, the Malfoys, Draco’s ancestors, and the Weasleys, our favorite ginger-headed clan. 

Even though Harry’s family from his father’s side was also pureblooded, they were never counted into the list of pureblood families because Potter is a common Muggle surname. Whoever comprised the list didn’t believe that James Potter’s family was pure enough. 

Even considering his ancestry from his father’s side, Harry can’t be counted as a pureblood wizard because of his mother’s side.

Why Is Harry Potter Considered a Half-Blood?

By definition, a half-blood witch or wizard has ancestry compiled of both magical and non-magical folks. Because he has wizards and Muggles as his ancestors, Harry is a half-blood wizard.

As we learned in book number one of Harry’s adventures, Petunia, the Muggle aunt, was Harry’s mother’s sister. Their parents were both Muggles. That made Lily Evans a Muggleborn witch. After she married a pureblood wizard, the Potter line changed status the day Harry was born from pureblood to half-blood.

Many people understand that to be a half-blood, one needs one wizarding and one Muggle parent, but it goes a little deeper. 

Some people believe that a half-blood family can become a pureblood by marrying into pureblood families, but the definition of pureblood witch and wizard is that they don’t have any Muggle or Muggleborn ancestor. So, in reality, a family like Harry’s, with generations of Muggles, would never be able to become pureblood.

Are Harry Potter’s Kids Half-Bloods?

All three of Harry’s kids, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, are half-blood.

Thanks to Harry’s ancestry, the magical and Muggle sides, Harry is a half-blood wizard. Even though he married a pureblood witch, Ginny, who belongs to the Sacred Twenty-Eight list of pureblood families, Harry’s kids hold the status of half-bloods. Two of their great-grandparents from the paternal side were Muggles, and so were their ancestors.

Final Thoughts

Long before Harry Potter was born, and through most of his school years, the blood status was something important. People used to judge others by their blood status and allegiances.

Many pureblood wizards were prejudiced against Muggleborn witches and wizards, and sometimes even half-bloods. They also shunted other pureblooded families for “Mudblood loving.” 

Harry Potter and his kids are a half-blood family, but now it doesn’t matter in the wizarding world anymore. 

Thanks to the great effort of the Golden Trio and Kingsley Shacklebolt (another pureblood from the Sacred Twenty-Eight), the old prejudices were lost, and unfair laws changed, making the wizarding world more open and welcoming for the new generation.