Who is the Heir of Gryffindor?

Godric Gryffindor was one of the four founders of Hogwarts, and he left a significant legacy behind.

To this day, the character values he cared about the most are being cultivated in his House, and his hat and sword are in use centuries later. It’s a beautiful heritage, but it’s the kind available to all. 

What about the talents and powers that can be inherited by blood relatives only? After all, we know how important bloodlines can be to some wizards. So who is the true heir of Gryffindor?

Is Harry the Heir of Gryffindor?

Who is the Heir of Gryffindor?

J.K. Rowling denied the rumors about Harry being the Gryffindor’s heir in an interview in 2005, and if we were to study the Potter family tree, as impressive as it is, we wouldn’t find any connection to Godric Gryffindor there either.

Although we know now that Harry Potter is not the heir of Gryffindor, he is the first person that comes to mind, as the protagonist and The Chosen One had numerous opportunities to prove himself worthy of Gryffindor’s legacy.

First and foremost, Harry managed to defeat Lord Voldemort. As impressive as this achievement is, it would be even more satisfying and almost poetic to think that it was the heir of Gryffindor winning against the heir of Slytherin, centuries after their ancestors’ conflict had started.

Second of all, Harry was able to retrieve Gryffindor’s sword out of the Sorting Hat, which, as we learn from Dumbledore later on, is something only a true Gryffindor would be able to do.

Finally, Harry has all of the values that were close to Gryffindor’s heart: bravery, courage, nerve, and chivalry. Since early childhood, our protagonist had to be brave: raised by abusive relatives, forced to live in insulting conditions, and bullied by his cousin, he needed strength to maintain his spirit. 

Once Harry went to Hogwarts, he had more opportunities to let his courage and nerve shine, each year facing dangerous tasks.

Harry’s chivalry doesn’t disappoint either. In fact, it could be perceived as a weakness at times. After all, it’s Harry’s impatience and eagerness to save Sirius no matter what Voldemort used that to manipulate him into going to the Department of Mysteries.

Is Ron the Heir of Gryffindor?

We don’t have enough evidence to determine whether Ron is the heir of Gryffindor. We can assume that it would be mentioned in the books if he was, considering it is rather important information. Also, if Ron were indeed the heir of Gryffindor, his siblings, and maybe one of his parents, would be as well.

Goofy, hot-headed, and terrified of spiders, Ron Weasley, might not be a stereotypical hero, but he surely has some qualities that suggest he could be the heir of Gryffindor. 

We know he comes from an old wizard family, and all his relatives were sorted into Gryffindor. As the youngest brother, he is often teased and made fun of, affecting his confidence and self-esteem. Because of that, Ron’s bravery might be less spectacular, but it’s just as impactful. 

Ron showed courage, sacrificing himself during the chess game to help Harry get the Sorcerer’s Stone. He faced his arachnophobia and went to the Forbidden Forest. He saved Hermione from a troll and stood up for her when Malfoy called her a Mudblood. 

Ron also warned house-elves during the battle of Hogwarts, which is the ultimate proof of his chivalry. All of these achievements would make Gryffindor proud.

Does Godric Gryffindor Have Any descendants?

Sadly, there is no definitive answer if Gryffindor’s bloodline was continued or not. It’s possible he chose to dedicate his life to exploring magic, developing skills, and sharing his knowledge with the next generations of wizards instead of raising a family. 

We know for sure that out of all Hogwarts founders, Gryffindor was the one who insisted that school should be open to everyone, no matter the origins and blood status

Unlike Slytherin, to whom building a legacy was strictly connected to having descendants, Gryffindor valued community and loyalty. While Slytherin built a secret chamber available to his heirs only, Gryffindor made sure his precious sword was accessible to all the brave Gryffindors in need.

Gryffindor’s priority was to create a place for young wizards and witches to learn, practice, and build connections.


There is no confirmation that Gryffindor’s bloodline was continued after his death, and therefore there is no proof that Ron or Harry is the actual heir of Gryffindor, even though they both represent his values. 

Luckily, it doesn’t mean Gryffindor’s legacy is lost since it’s not as much about genes and names as it is about values, bonds, and support. The Gryffindor’s legacy lives forever, or at least as long as there are brave and loyal wizards out there.