Who Are Hermione Granger’s Parents?

Hermione Granger comes from a Muggle family, but just because her parents are not wizards, it didn’t mean they didn’t know about Hermione’s magical powers. 

In fact, when Hermione was a young student, her parents took her to Diagon Alley, normally concealed from Muggles, and helped her purchase her school things. They were very nervous because they didn’t know anything about magic, wizards, and magical creatures, like Goblins in Gringotts bank.

Who Are Hermione Granger’s Real Parents?

Hermione Granger’s Parents

Hermione’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Granger. J.K. Rowling never revealed their real first names. We only know they were both dentists. They were also Muggles and, in the beginning, a little bemused at their daughter performing bits of magic before receiving her Hogwarts letter.

Hermione’s parents were very proud of their daughter, even though she no longer belonged to their world. They admired her thirst for knowledge and, even though a little bit disappointed, supported her decision to stay at school during the winter holidays to study. 

The only names we ever got were Monica and Wendell Wilkins, fake identities Hermione gave her parents to conceal them from possible attack by Death Eaters. 

Hermione was forced to take care of her parents because she was Undesirable on a Ministry list. Therefore her parents, as Muggles, would have been an easy target to get to Hermione.

She found a way to keep them safe, not worried about her, and prevent them from contacting her. She created their new identities and altered their memories. 

We are not sure what lives they had while living in Australia. It could be they were still dentists, or they could have been just living a happy life on early retirement. 

We also never found out how old Hermione’s parents are. We can assume they finished their studies and apprenticeships before getting married and having Hermione. Hermione’s parents could have been in their early 30’s when Hermione was born

What Happened to Hermione’s Parents?

During a Horcrux hunting year, they went to Australia under new names and bought a house. They didn’t know Hermione existed, and although she was sad to let them go, she knew they would be safe.

She also knew that she was running the risk of never seeing them again, but ultimately, she didn’t have to worry about them during her mission with Harry and Ron.

After the war, Hermione went to Australia to find her parents, reverse the memory charm she performed on them, and then she brought them home to England. 

They were known to go back to their dentistry practice and were happy to be grandparents to Rose and Hugo, Hermione and Ron’s two children. 

Because they are Muggles, there is not much information about them throughout the books, movies, or even the play, but we had a few glimpses into their life from J.K. Rowling herself.

Where do Hermione’s Parents Live?

It is never explained in the books where exactly Hermione’s parents live or used to live. 

We deduced that Hermione’s parents are British and most likely live in England, as there is no mention of Hermione’s accent. We also know they moved to Australia for a time when Hermione changed their memories.

We don’t know where Hermione’s parents lived in Australia, but for a clever witch like Hermione, it was not a big deal to find them and return them home.

There is also no mention of the street or town where Hermione’s parents live in the movies, but we had a glimpse into their neighborhood.

Hermione’s parents seem to live in a more wealthy neighborhood than Dursleys. They have a detached house with a small garden, and the street is wider with manicured grass and hedges. 

The street Hermione’s parents live on seems like a small town residential street or suburbs rather than the housing estate Harry grew up in. 


Hermione and her parents were ultimately living in two parallel worlds. As Muggles, Mr. and Mrs. Granger couldn’t understand the events in the wizarding world, and Hermione as a witch, couldn’t go back to her normal life before Hogwarts.

Despite those differences between them, Hermione’s parents were very proud of her career and achievements, and after she had her kids, they were very close with their grandchildren, possibly called by them Granddad and Grandma Granger.