How Did Voldemort Get His Wand Back?

The Dark Lord Voldemort, also known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named by those who fear his wrath, performed some of the most powerful and fearsome magic during his time.

It was made possible by his masterful wielding of his own wand. This wand enabled the Dark Lord to channel his great powers and unleash terribly but powerful magic. 

However, this wand was considered lost after the Dark Lord’s initial downfall. Given that, how did Voldemort manage to get it back and reinstate his power once again?

How Did Voldemort Lose His Wand?

How Did Voldemort Get His Wand Back?

Lord Voldemort lost his wand after his first failed attempt to kill Harry Potter. After being informed of a prophecy that foretold the coming of the one who had the power to destroy him, the Dark Lord attempted an attack on the Potters, whose child he believed to be the one the prophecy spoke of.

Both James and Lily Potter went into hiding to protect their child but were eventually found by Voldemort through the help of their traitorous friend Peter Pettigrew. They were both killed through the Killing Curse. However, Lily Potter’s death and love for her son created a powerful form of protective magic that surrounded Harry. Thi

It caused the Killing Curse that was directed towards Harry to rebound on Voldemort, destroying his body and leaving only what was left of his soul. This new form made Voldemort unable to wield his wand, forcing him to flee and leave it behind that fateful night.

Who Found Voldemort’s Wand?

Peter Pettigrew, Death Eater, and traitor, found his master’s wand and recovered it from the ruins of Potter’s house in Godric’s Hollow that same night. 

After learning of his master’s demise, Peter went to the ruins of the Potter house after Hagrid came to pick up infant Harry. He then fled with Lord Voldemort’s wand to prevent the Ministry and others from discovering his role in the events.

Afterward, Pettigrew hid this wand in a safe location and went into hiding himself, faking his own death and framing his friend Sirius Black for his crimes to avoid responsibility and punishment. 

For years he hid Voldemort’s wand and waited for the opportunity to reunite the wand to Lord Voldemort and once again serve his master.

How did Voldemort Regain His Wand?

Lord Voldemort and his wand were reunited sometime during 1994 when Peter Pettigrew returned it to the Dark Lord. After being forced out of hiding by his friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew fled for his life and was forced to go looking for the Dark Lord. He recovered Voldemort’s wand from its hiding place and went searching for its master. 

Peter eventually reunited with Voldemort in Albania. There, he assisted his master in forming a weak, makeshift body that allowed his master to move about and perform magic. It was the first time Voldemort had been reunited with his wand since their separation in Godric’s Hollow and marked the start of his terrifying return to power.

Did Voldemort Have Other Wands?

Despite being reunited with his instrument of power, Lord Voldemort ended up replacing his wand with a few others in an attempt to overpower and kill Harry Potter. After learning that his and Harry’s wand shared the same core, he took Lucius Malfoy’s wand to use against Harry. 

After this failed, he went after the Elder Wand – the most powerful wand in the world. He did this with intentions to successfully overpower and kill Harry and further emphasize his status as the most powerful wizard in the world.


Lord Voldemort’s wand was a force to be reckoned with. It was his primary weapon for close to 60 years and enabled him to plague the Wizarding world with terror. He used it to curse and kill people to achieve his quest for glory and power. 

However, despite his crusade getting cut short, Voldemort proved his strength, intelligence, and craftiness as he survived years under a peculiar condition without a wand. 

Once his wand was returned to him, there was no stopping him. Even with a rudimentary body, Voldemort, with his wand in hand, was a force that almost no wizard would dare face willingly.