How Many Female Death Eaters Are There?

Often when it comes to the Harry Potter series, a question that will arise is, “Why are there so few female death eaters?” Many people believe the only death eater that’s a female is Bellatrix, although you’ll be shocked to know there are two other female death eaters known within the entire HarryPotter franchise.

Yes, that’s right. Out of seven books and eight movies, there are only three Death Eaters that are females.

Can Bellatrix Be the Only Female Death Eater?

How Many Female Death Eaters Are There?

The book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix introduces Bellatrix Lestrange as a British witch in chapter 6. She was a part of the Black family, one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight.

After Bellatrix graduated from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she became a Death Eater. Her fanatical loyalty to Lord Voldemort made her one of his most dangerous and sadistic followers. 

It looks as if Bellatrix is the only female Death Eater in the series, due to her fierce loyalty, but this is not true. At least two others are believed to be Death Eaters.

Why does it Seem Like Bellatrix Was The Only Female Death Eater?

The answer is within the timeline of her introduction. When Voldemort is finally exposed to the Ministry of Magic at the end of Order of the Phoenix, he takes Bellatrix with him. According to him, she is the only Death Eater worth saving, while the rest fell to the Aurors.

What Is the Reason Behind the Lack of Female Death Eaters?

Voldemort didn’t care if his servants were female or male. The only thing he truly cared about was if his servants would follow and serve him properly.

Therefore, few female Death Eaters are named simply because JK Rowling had so many characters already. So, maybe she decided not to go in-depth about developing more female Death Eaters as lead characters.

Another reason could be that Death Eaters often participated in torture and murders, and women, as more caring by nature than men were not able to withstand the pressure.

Who Are the Other Female Death Eaters?

In the Harry Potter books, Bellatrix was the first female Death Eater, and she was the sole Death Eater explicitly identified as such until Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Below you will discover the other female Death Eaters. 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book: Alecto Carrow 

Alecto Carrow was one of the female Death Eaters. Along with her brother Amycus, they fought in the First Wizarding War and did not search for Lord Voldemort after his first downfall.

However, when Voldemort returned in 1995, they were forgiven for not searching for him and rejoined the Death Eaters to serve in the Second Wizarding War.

Upon the fall of the Ministry of Magic, Alecto became the Professor of Muggle Studies. She was known for teaching that Muggles were inferior to the Wizardkind and believed in pureblood supremacy. 

Along with her brother being a Deputy Headmaster, she becomes Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts after Severus Snape becomes Headmaster. Her favorite method of punishing students was torture.

Shortly before the Battle of Hogwarts, she summoned Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters and was stunned by Luna for doing so. Professor McGonagall then magically tied her up in Ravenclaw Tower. After the battle, she and her brother are sent to Azkaban for their crimes.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie: Female Death Eater at the Graveyard

The Death Eater at the graveyard has a small role within the Harry Potter series. However, it’s worth noting since she was a female Death Eater.

She was a witch who was summoned to the cemetery in Little Hangleton by Lord Voldemort when he resurrected and gathered his followers. It is also important to note, many speculate this female Death Eater to be Alecto Carrow emerging from the graveyard, but that’s not for sure.

The female Death Eater appears in the graveyard wearing a mask and a hood. As a witness, she saw Voldemort curse Harry Potter with the Cruciatus Curse. However, the Death Eaters were instructed not to intervene when Harry attempted to escape, so she stood by.

Are there only three female Death Eaters? As you will see if you watch the Harry Potter movies, there are more female death eaters. Once again, Lord Voldemort was indifferent to the gender of his servants so long as they obeyed him and proved their loyalty. Also, J.K. didn’t see the point of developing more female death eaters.

Why Was Narcissa Not a Death Eater?

J. K. Rowling said that Narcissa Malfoy was not a Death Eater but acknowledged the philosophy of blood purity. Nevertheless, she was privy to all of Voldemort’s plans from the Second Wizarding War, since Malfoy Manor was the Death Eater’s H.Q. 

What further details does JKR provide? Indeed, a wizard like Voldemort would make everyone linked to his plans join on an official basis so that their loyalty is solid and unconditional. However, her lack of becoming a Death Eater most likely stemmed from her overwhelming love, dedication, and devotion to her family.

This Is Why There Are Few Female Death Eaters!

The Harry Potter series only features two women who are known as Death Eaters. Unfortunately, J.K. Rowling never explained why she didn’t create more female Death Eaters. It could be she did not want to elaborate on more female death eater characters.