What is the Hufflepuff Animal?

What is The Hufflepuff Animal?

The four Houses of Hogwarts have different colors, character traits they value, and elements that describe them. Some of them are rather obvious, but others are rather unconventional.

The quietest House of them all, Hufflepuff, usually connected with earthy matters, has a pretty underrated animal as their House mascot. 

What is the Hufflepuff Animal?

What is The Hufflepuff Animal?

The animal that represents Hufflepuff is a badger.

Many people never saw a real badger in their lives, and sometimes they mistake it for a small bear. Badgers are entirely different animals. They are considerably smaller than a bear but shouldn’t be dismissed at all. Badgers are often found to fight off bigger animals with ease.

J.K. Rowling admitted that she wanted to give Hufflepuffs a bear as their animal. She thought that maybe Hufflepuff would be more respected.

To anybody with a little bit more of an idea about badgers, it is a well-known fact that the size of an animal doesn’t dictate its ability. Badgers are plenty capable of gaining respect, and so is Hufflepuff.

Why is Hufflepuff Animal a Badger?

Many people think the badger is not a suitable animal for Hufflepuffs, but we would beg to differ.

There was a reason why Helga Hufflepuff picked a badger as her House’s mascot. Hufflepuffs, just like badgers, live quiet lives, doing their own thing, minding their own business.

They loyally keep together and love their friends. Hufflepuffs and badgers spend most of their time close to the ground or underneath it in cozy and clean dens. 

Hufflepuff is connected with the earth. Their Common Room is below ground in a clean round place with round doors and cozy sofas. The badger is a very fitting representation of this side of Hufflepuff, as it also lives in a den underground and likes to keep everything around it clean and organized.

There is also another side to badgers and Hufflepuffs. Once disturbed or scared, badgers and Hufflepuffs can turn ferocious and fight back with fierceness. They can give their opponent a nasty bite if provoked.

During Harry’s years at Hogwarts, there were many instances of Hufflepuffs acting “all badger.” They turned cold and unpleasant towards Gryffindors when Harry was accused of being the Heir of Slytherin. They also didn’t like, when Harry competed against Cedric in the Triwizard Tournament. 

Huffpeluffs also stood their ground when the time came during the Second Wizarding War. They stood beside Harry, had his back, and fought bravely to protect their lives and the wizarding world.

The badger is the perfect animal to represent Hufflepuff House. It looks cute and acts quiet, but when it comes to showing what he’s got, he shows it without hesitation, and so do Hufflepuffs.


Hufflepuff House is often underestimated. People think that because they are quiet and hard-working, they can be pushovers and disregarded.

The badger, Hufflepuff’s mascot, is a perfect example why nobody should underrate the Hufflepuff House. Hufflepuffs can show us the ferocity and bravery we wouldn’t usually believe they are capable of.

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