Is Dobby in Lord of the Rings?

Dobby is undoubtedly one of the most lovable characters in the Harry Potter series. He starts as a misunderstood and somewhat annoying little elf and ends his journey as one of the greatest heroes who saved Harry Potter’s life.

While Dobby is unique in his own right, fans can’t help but compare him to other characters found in a completely different world – Middle Earth.

It happens so often that the question beckons: Is Dobby in The Lord of the Rings?

Is Dobby in Lord of the Rings?

Is Dobby in Lord of the Rings?

Due to the numerous similarities in the series, Harry Potter is often compared to another great tale, The Lord of the Rings.

Some fans even theorize that these two worlds coexist in the same universe. This theory then opens up another theory of characters from one series existing in the other. Thus, Dobby could exist in the Lord of the Rings.

Unfortunately, this theory is false, and Dobby is not part of the Lord of the Rings in any way. Despite this, fans still continue to hope and speculate due to the many parallels these stories have.

Is Dobby Based on Gollum?

Because both series are incredibly popular, fans of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings can’t help but notice the similarities between certain characters. Notably, the parallels between Dobby and Gollum.

There has been no record of confirmation that the Lord of the Rings was the basis for any of the Wizarding World’s events or characters. So it is pretty safe to say that Dobby was not based on Gollum.

It is also apparent in their vast differences in personalities and motivations. Dobby is a fundamentally good character who always acted with the intention of keeping his friends safe.

Yes, he often got our Chosen One into many tricky situations, but he only did it to protect Harry from harm’s way.

On the other hand, Gollum helped the Ring-Bearer Frodo advance in his quests. However, he only did so to eventually regain his “Precious” – the One Ring.

It proves that Gollum, albeit due to the Ring’s corruption, was inherently a selfish character who only acted for his personal gain.

Similarites Between Gollum and Dobby?

The theory of Dobby being in Lord of the Rings exists mainly due to the eerily close resemblance between Gollum and Dobby. You cannot really encounter one character without being reminded of the other.

Actually, people who are not that familiar with the Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings series often mix the two up. Indeed, there is no denying that these two characters have a lot in common.

Dobby and Gollum’s appearances are one of the most apparent similarities the two characters have. They appear to be around the same height.

House-elves like Dobby come up to around three and a half feet which is exactly the same as Gollum’s height before corruption from the Ring.

Dobby and Gollum also have the same skinny, lanky bodies. They also wear similar clothing. Because they never really work for wages, house-elves are often found dressed in discarded clothing, pillowcases, and old rags similar to the rags that Gollum wears.

Despite their difference in motivation, Gollum and Dobby were also both instrumental in the success of their stories’ main characters. They both went out of their way and assisted their heroes throughout their respective adventures.

In fact, they both died for things that were most valuable to them. Dobby died saving his friend Harry Potter’s life while Gollum died in a successful attempt to be reunited with his “Precious” Ring. 

Is Dobby Related to Gollum?

It is undeniable that Dobby and Gollum do look somewhat alike, but Dobby is not related to Gollum. In fact, they are not even of the same species.

Dobby is a house-elf sworn to serve Wizard families until his master grants freedom. They are much shorter than humans but have noticeably pointy ears that set them apart.

Gollum was a former member of the hobbits who enjoy farming, eating, and living simple lives. The hobbits are closer to appearance to humans but are also much shorter and with furry feet.

There are also no known records of hobbits and elves breeding together. It makes this interspecies connection or relation impossible. There is a theory of one of the hobbits taking an elf wife, but evidence to support this is lacking.

There is also the fact that elves in the Lord of The Rings and elves in Harry Potter are vastly different in both physical appearance and purpose.


In worlds where magic exists, making seemingly anything possible, it is very easy to get confused. But you can rest assured that Dobby is not a character of the Lord of the Rings.

Neither he nor any of the characters from Harry Potter’s world have any impact on the stories that unfold in the Lord of the Rings.

Dobby remains exclusively a member of the Wizarding World, and his contributions to the story and success of Harry Potter will remain in the minds and hearts of all wizards and witches alike. 

While there is no confirmed link between the Wizarding World and Middle-Earth, this should not stop us from enjoying the various stories and lessons these books offer.

Who knows? Just like Middle Earth and the Wizarding World, our world is filled with magic and possibility. Maybe, the time will come wherein all our worlds might collide in one way or another.