Do Ron and Hermione Have Kids?

We meet Ron and Hermione as children starting off their first year in Hogwarts and end their story with the two of them sending their own children off to their first years in Hogwarts.

Yes, the whole story comes full circle as the series introduces you to the Granger-Weasley children right where their parents met – On the Hogwarts train.

Despite rough beginnings, Ron and Hermione ended up falling in love and having their own romantic adventure which ultimately ended in marriage and the beginning of a beautiful little magical family.

How Many Kids do Ron and Hermione Have?

Do Ron and Hermione Have Kids?

Ron and Hermione welcomed two wonderful babies into the world. After the Second Wizarding War, the pair continued building their relationship and eventually got married.

While the pair did marry very young, their relationship only strengthened and grew as the years went by. They first welcomed a beautiful, bright young witch daughter into the world. Not two years later, their little family grew again as they had a dashing young wizard boy.

These children are officially recognized as Half-Blood due to Ron’s Pure-Blood heritage and Hermione’s Muggle-born status.

Do Hermione and Ron Have Sons?

The happy couple of the ship Romione did end up having a son. Their second-born was a boy born sometime between the years 2007 to 2008. He was born two years after his older sister and is said to have inherited his mother’s bushy brown hair.

Not much is written about him in the books except for the close bond he has with his cousin Lily Potter, the daughter of Ginny and Harry Potter, who is around the same age he is.

What Did Ron and Hermione Name Their kids?

It has been speculated that Ron and Hermione could have wanted to name their kids using their own initials “R & H” thus leading to the following name choices:

Ron and Hermione first had a daughter whom they named Rose. She is also affectionately called “Rosie”. She is described to take after her mother in beauty and brains. However, she did inherit her father’s flaming red hair – the trademark color for the Weasley family. 

Their son, Hugo, was born two years after his sister and named after Victor Hugo. It was said that J.K. Rowling was a big fan of his work and may have projected this into Hermione’s character.

Due to her love of books, it is quite possible that Hermione was a big fan of the Muggle author’s work and decided to name her son after the literary legend.

Why Did Ron and Hermione Name Their Daughter Rose?

There is no information in the books as to how our little Rosie got her name. However, there are rumors. Some say that she got her name from the flower rose to symbolize her beauty and shocking red hair.

Other theories say that she got her name due to her distinct personality which is exemplified by the flower’s unique scent. It is also suggested that she got her name to symbolize the ever-blossoming romance that her parents have.

Final Thoughts

Ron and Hermione may be recognized in Chocolate Frogs to be among the greatest witches and wizards but to two little children, they are the best mother and father.

Building a family is no easy feat. However, Ron and Hermione make it seem so easy as they raise their little witch and wizard.

Despite busy schedules, they managed to raise such a well-performing student witch in Hogwarts (sorted in Gryffindor, no less) who excels in academics like her mother and plays in the Quidditch team like her father.

If that wasn’t enough they also have an eager young wizard ready to start his own magical journey. Really, is there anything the Weasley-Granger family cannot do?