Who Did Cho Chang Marry?

Cho Chang was Harry’s crush for a while, and although they broke off and didn’t speak to each other for some time, she came back to Hogwarts to fight against Voldemort.

From the epilogue of the seventh book, we know who married who from the main characters, but we don’t see anything about Harry’s first girlfriend, Cho.

Did Cho Chang Marry Dudley?

Who Did Cho Chang Marry?

We don’t know if Cho married Dudley. All we know is that Cho ended up marrying a Muggle, but he is not mentioned by name.

Multiple fan theories are circulating the internet stating that Cho possibly married Dudley because both were mentioned in the books enough times and played rather important roles in Harry’s life.

Additionally, Dudley invited Harry to his wedding, and some fans believe that it would be impossible unless Dudley were marrying someone who also knew Harry, like Cho, for example.

We believe that the union between Cho and Dudley was improbable because there were almost 2 million Muggle men aged 20-29 in Great Britain after Cho graduated, so meeting Dudley would have to be a massive coincidence.

Moreover, in our opinion, if Cho married Dudley, they would probably make it to the epilogue, or at least got a mention from J.K. Rowling.

All we know about Dudley is that he sends and receives Christmas cards to Harry, and sometimes Harry and his family visit Dudley and while kids play together, both cousins sit quietly. If Cho were in the household, we would hear about it. After all, Cho was Harry’s ex-girlfriend.

Why Did Cho Marry Muggle?

We can only guess why Cho decided to marry a Muggle. Our take is that Cho had enough of her magical life after the war and wanted to try something quieter for a change. 

We don’t know if Cho was a pureblood or half-blood witch. All we know about her upbringing is that both her parents were magical because both of them warned Cho not to get on Dolores Umbridge’s bad side.

Since they both knew who Umbridge was, they must have been a witch and a wizard, but Cho’s grandparents (maternal, paternal, or both) could have been Muggles. Living within a Muggle community wouldn’t be anything new to Cho if that were the case.

Nobody would blame Cho for wanting to step out of the magical world after the war. Cho fought during the Battle of Hogwarts against Death Eaters, giants, and other dark creatures, and she also lost her boyfriend and never seemed to get closure.

For an 18-year-old young woman, it might have been too much. Cho probably retreated to the Muggle world for a while and happened to fall in love and marry a Muggle.

Does Cho Chang Still Like Harry?

There was a time when Cho and Harry avoided each other after they fell apart. It was because one of Cho’s best friends, Marietta, ratted out Dumbledore’s Army and got punished with hideous pockmarks on her face making a word SNEAK. It caused an argument between Harry and Cho.

However, after Cho graduated, she came back to Hogwarts to fight against Death Eaters. In the Room of Requirements, she seemed to forget any animosities towards Harry and made a friendly offer to take him to the Ravenclaw’s common room.

We can guess that Cho still liked Harry enough to offer him help, but maybe not enough to hope for anything more than friendship.

By that time, it would have been widely known between former D.A. students that Harry was in love with Ginny, and we think Cho moved forward with her life after she graduated from Hogwarts.

Why Didn’t Harry End Up with Cho?

In the beginning, Cho seemed like the perfect girl for Harry. She was his first kiss and his first date. However, they were both looking for something else from each other

While Harry wanted to get to know Cho, what she liked to do, and maybe discuss their common interest, Cho wanted to discuss their common tragedy – losing Cedric during the last Triwizard Tournament Task.

Harry, who had already discussed it with his best friends, wanted to move forward, but Cho could not get closure. It caused a slight rift between them, but Marietta was the last nail.

By telling Umbridge about their secret group, Dumbledore’s Army, she earned a nasty punishment from clever Hermione. Marietta’s face got covered with marks that formed a word SNEAK across her face.

Nobody could reverse the curse, and Cho got very angry at Hermione. During an argument with Cho, Harry stood in Hermione’s defense, which was the final straw for Harry and Cho’s relationship.


Cho married a Muggle after the Battle of Hogwarts, and although we never got to know his name, we can guess it wasn’t Harry’s cousin, Dudley. 

While being at school, Cho dated four wizards, and she came from wizarding parents, so her marrying a Muggle would stir some of the fans. However, it is not unusual for a witch to marry a Muggle because many wizarding families live amongst Muggles. 

What we think happened is Cho wanted a break after everything that’s happened to her in the wizarding world, and she wandered to the Muggle side more often. She met a Muggle who she fell in love with, married him, and had a happy and quiet life.