Who Did George Weasley Marry?

George Weasley was a charismatic young man who had a lot to offer. He was tall, good-looking, a member of the Quidditch Team, and a lot of fun to be around. So the question is, who is the lucky broad that landed this handsome box of fun?

Here we discover whether our one-eared prankster ever found that special someone who is willing to vow to share his jokes for the rest of their lives.

Does George Weasley Get Married?

Who Did George Weasley Marry?

After the events of the Second Wizarding War, George does end up marrying and starting his own little wizarding family. He had a hard time getting over losing Fred but was able to eventually build a new partnership with an old friend from Hogwarts whom he married.

He also had kids. His eldest, a son, was named Fred II after George’s twin who died fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts. His daughter was named Roxanne.

Who Does George Weasley Marry?

George ended up marrying Angelina Johnson. Angelina was a fellow Gryffindor who started studying in Hogwarts in 1989. She was described to be a very attractive, tall young witch with brown eyes and dark skin.

Angelina was very popular and often attracted the attention and affection of her male schoolmates. She was also known for having a strong and driven personality. After the war, the pair developed a closeness that eventually led to them tying the knot.

How Did George and Angelina Meet?

George and Angelina met during their first year in Hogwarts either on the train or through one of their shared classes. They were thought to be close as they shared a friend group with Fred Weasley, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, and Lee Jordan during their years in Hogwarts.

They would often hang out together and attend Quidditch practice for the Gryffindor team where Angelina was a chaser and George was a beater along with his twin Fred.

George and Angelina also spent time as members of Dumbledore’s Army led by Harry Potter. Along with George, she and other Hogwarts alumni returned to Hogwarts and fought in the final stand against Voldemort and his forces in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Did Angelina Date Fred Before Marrying George?

Funnily enough, Fred Weasley, George’s late twin, was Angelina’s teenage sweetheart. It was said that Angelina’s beauty and popularity won over the affections of Fred Weasley.

It would also be safe to assume that the two spent a considerable amount of time with each other as they were both in the same year and were involved in a lot of the same activities. Fred even invited her to attend the Yule Ball with him which she accepted.

Are George and Angelina Still Married?

Despite rumors going around, Angelina and George are still married and going strong. Sometime during their marriage, Angelina had to leave her marital home in order to care for her ill father.

While attending the Quidditch Final with her husband and children, Angelina became victim to the rumor-monger Rita Skeeter’s comments that she grew tired of her marriage with George and left to live with a lover.

This was promptly refuted by her sister-in-law, Ginny Potter, who was also a commentator during the game. The Johnson-Weasley family watched the game from their box and put on what was said to be “a great show of togetherness”.

Final Thoughts

There might not be a lot of details as to how their love story truly unfolded, but George got his happily ever after with Angelina Johnson. They started out as friends, played Quidditch together, fought a war, and eventually fell in love. While George may have lost his twin, he found a new partner in Angelina.

Their union is made even more special as it allowed them both to continue to honor Fred’s memory and contributions to their lives through their little family, specifically, through their son: Fred II.