Who Did Hermione Granger Marry?

Hermione is one of Harry’s best friends. She is smart, intelligent, and brave. 

All the teachers always thought the highest of Hermione and predicted she would get far in her life and professional career. 

For most of the time, we as readers thought of Hermione only as of the walking Encyclopedia, but guess what? She did have feelings, and, in fact, she got married and had kids!

Who Did Hermione Granger Marry?

Who Did Hermione Granger Marry?

Hermione Granger married Ron Weasley, one of her best friends from Hogwarts.

For the first few years, even though they were friends, Hermione and Ron fought like cats and dogs, but when they started to grow up, they also began to notice each other as more than just friends.

In our opinion, Hermione and Ron could only be friends because of Harry. He acted like a glue between them, keeping the Golden Trio together.

The fact that Hermione ended up marrying Ron baffled many fans, and some were complaining that if not for Harry, they would never even talk to each other. 

Why Did Hermione Marry Ron?

Hermione married Ron because she fell in love with him. The process took a long time, and it was a rocky road.

For the first three years at Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron had a hot and cold friendship. They were fighting about almost everything.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione was distraught that it took Ron a long time to notice that Hermione is a girl. To make matters worse, Ron became very hostile when he learned that the famous Victor Krum asked Hermione to the Yule Ball. 

Only in the Half-Blood Prince were there clear signs of their mutual feelings (both jealous of the other’s relationships), but stubborn as they both were, they couldn’t acknowledge it until Ron’s poisoning.

The action started in the final book. Although Hermione and Ron were not a defined couple, they were sneaking glances and holding hands.

We can assume that they learned their feelings for one another, and after the war, they got together in a serious relationship that led to the wedding.

Who Does Hermione Really Love?

According to Harry Potter books, Hermione really loves Ron. It took her ages to get to that place, almost the whole time at school, but she fell in love with one of her best friends.

Witnessing her ups and downs regarding Ron showed Hermione’s rocky road to finding her feelings for Ron. Many fans believe that Hermione and Ron are so opposite that their love and marriage don’t make sense.

They have nothing in common. In fact, Ron needed a special book (from his twin brothers) to learn how to interact with women appropriately. Even J.K. Rowling admitted that she made a mistake by pairing Hermione with Ron, and she should have put her together with Harry.

In the end, Hermione married Ron because of love. Even though some fans may not agree that this pairing would ever work, feelings developing between Ron and Hermione were well written into the action of the Harry Potter series.

Do Hermione and Ron Det Divorce?

No, Hermione and Ron never divorced. Even after Ron ended up quitting his job at the Ministry and started to work with George in the Joke Shop, and Hermione became the Minister for Magic, their marriage was a happy one. 

Many fans would disagree and look forward to hearing that Hermione ditched Ron, but that’s not the case. Ron was very supportive and loyal, and he and Hermione had a happy marriage. 

Some fans are not fond of the story of Hermione and Ron as a happy couple and believe (may we add just as J.K. Rowling) that if anything, Ron and Hermione would need a lot of marriage counseling

May we add that Ron married Padma Patil instead of Hermione in one of the timelines of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Final Thoughts

Hermione was a smart girl who grew up to be a smarter woman, and many fans believe she should not end up with someone who’s got the “emotional range of a teaspoon.” 

Whether we agree or not, Hermione seems to be genuinely happy married to Ron, which should be the most important part. 

Hermione married Ron because she loved him. Considering that with Ron, she has it all (family and career), it was a good choice for her, even though many people would see her married to Harry instead.