Who Did Luna Lovegood Marry?

Luna Lovegood is one of those characters you either hate or love. She is a sweet girl, always ready to help but has this annoying quality of saying what she thinks without a filter and often making people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

However excentric Luna seemed to be, she found the love of her life through a shared passion for magical creatures.

Do Neville and Luna End Up Together?

Who Does Luna Lovegood Marry?

No, Neville and Luna didn’t end up together

Although there is no mention of any relationship between Neville and Luna in books, at the end of the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, we find, to our surprise, that Neville harbored some feelings towards the blond-headed Ravenclaw.

We think the scene was added to break the tension and give viewers something to look forward to after the war and all the drama around it. It was “the heat of the battle,” and considering Neville’s words (“probably both be dead by dawn”), they all thought they were going to die before dawn.

In the end, there was no big kiss and no holding hands as they sat in the ruined Great Hall together, Neville proud with Godric Gryffindor’s sword in hand and Luna companionably beside him. There was no chemistry, and we think that after the adrenaline levels went down, Neville realized that he might have misunderstood his feelings.

Why Did Luna Not Marry Neville?

Many fans believe that Neville and Luna would make a cute couple. The truth is a little bit different. If you really paid attention to those secondary characters, you would definitely notice that Neville and Luna are the opposites that won’t attract each other. And we are not talking about smart Ravenclaw and Potions-failing Gryffindor.

Neville ended up back at Hogwarts teaching Herbology. He had a stable job that didn’t require much traveling (we calculated a few trips to explore new plants into the equation.) On the other hand, Luna was a free spirit, taking frequent trips with her father chasing after wild, magical creatures. She didn’t change much after the war. 

We think Luna and Neville didn’t end up together because Neville needed someone to be there for him whenever he needed someone waiting with a homecooked meal, and Luna wanted to travel the world and learn more about magical creatures. We are not saying that Luna wouldn’t care about her significant other, only that it would be in a different capacity than what Neville was expecting.

Who Did Luna Lovegood Marry?

Luna married Rolf Scamander, a grandson of Newt Scamander, the famous Magizoologist and author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

There is not much information about where and when the couple met, but we can hazard a guess they met sometime after the end of the war (1998) when Luna took off to do her research. Rolf was following his grandfather’s footsteps into Magizoology, and he could have met Luna trying to chase after the same magical creature.

Why Did Luna Marry Rolf Scamander?

Luna and Rolf, as two naturalists and magical creatures enthusiasts, are very much alike. Their shared passion would have been enough reason for them to marry.

There is not much information about the couple (except nasty gossip spread by Rita Skeeter), so we can guess that Luna and Rolf hit it at first sight. Sharing their interests and knowledge about fantastic beasts, traveling together in search of new creatures, and documenting their travels would be the perfect ground for sprouting feelings. 

Many fans, us including, could easily imagine Luna and Rolf together in a place like the Amazonian jungle or Mongolian steppes together sneaking up to some rare creatures Muggles have no idea about and later discussing animatedly their discovery. It is a perfect scenario and the perfect explanation for why Luna married Rolf.

Final Thoughts

Some people think that Luna had her head in the clouds most of the time. We think she was always on the lookout for magical creatures. Lots of her peers considered Luna crazy, but one person found her fascinating enough to fall in love and marry the “loony” Ravenclaw.

Luna didn’t marry Neville because they were too different to make it work and ultimately wanted very different lifestyles. Luna married Rolf Scamander because of their shared passion and desires. Although we love Luna ourselves, we have to admire Rolf for sticking with Luna’s uncommon fashion sense and sometimes silly theories.